Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Re: Hitler controversy (memetics)

From: jagannath chatterjee
Date: Tue, Sep 16, 2008 at 9:44 AM
Subject: Re: [brahmoconferenceorg] Re: Hitler controversy

Dear Peter

There are no factions within the Brahmo Samaj for the reason that all of True Brahmoism is united by memetic ties. After expelling the quisling elements in 1866, Brahmoism embarked on a decade of radical evolution under Hemendranath Tagore, who was then at the peak of his spiritual powers. Memetics, or the sharing of ancestral memories via the bloodline, is at the core of modern Brahmoism, as it has been the core of Hinduism's caste system. In about 1862 the Brahmo seer Hemendranath, then in his late teens, was studying medical science, and conducted an experiment where lower life cellular forms were taught a problem. These life forms were then fed to the next generation of life forms who could solve the problem without being exposed to it. Thus proving that information /memory is capable of transmission from generation to generation. From this flows a core Adi Dharm postulation "All life exists to be consumed".

True Brahmoism today is memetics in action. False Brahmos are excluded, although Keshub Chunder Sen's family tried desperately to capture Debendranath Tagore's memes by getting one of his grand-daughters married to Tagore's grandson (and for which Rabindranath Tagore disentitled his sister).

Jagannath Chatterjee

>Re: [brahmoconferenceorg] Re: Fwd: Hitler controversy
>Dear Saurav and all,
>I don't know if it would ever be possible for a non-Brahmo to sort out the factions within the Samaj, or understand why some people do not believe that there are factions at all.  In my personal life I do not participate in gossip and backbiting as I feel that those activities truly rot the soul.  So if anyone on the Brahmo lists tries to get me to take sides based on differences I couldn't possibly fathom, or on >assessments of the characters of others I do not know, know that I could not do that.
>I have made my point about not being able to abide Hitler-sympathizers.  As I'm not sure why one of Hitler's comments was included in an attachment to a post to, I'm going to give the sender the benefit of the doubt.  If that or something similar happens again I'll know it was not by chance and I will remove myself from the offending group.

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