Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hitler controversy

From: Saurav Brahmo
Date: Mon, Sep 15, 2008 at 9:10 AM
Subject: [brahmoconferenceorg] Re: Hitler controversy

Dear Peter

As you would have figured out by now there are 2 kinds of Brahmos- "True Brahmos" and "False Brahmos"

This Yahoo group is for "True Brahmos"- of the Adi-ite tradition. We believe that that there is only "One God"

The other Yahoo group (from where the "great thoughts" of Hitler are being circulated) are "False Brahmos of the Keshub-ite variety. They believe that there is only "One TRUE God" and their devilish doctrines revolve around Masonic dogma like the "Fatherhood of God" and "Brotherhood of Man"

By 1866 the False Brahmos (and their leaders) were finally expelled from Brahmoism by Maharshi Hemendranath Tagore but regrettably they still continue to preach their pernicious devilish message in the name of Brahmoism. Even today on that other false Yahoo group we find great love and affection for Hitler and his "great thoughts". What greater proof of this can there be than message number 666 (Satan's number) of
that group.

and it's statement "But don't we sometimes need to sup with the devil if need be & give the devil it's due when it is justified ?"

You may be assured that True Brahmos would never support (or express admiration for) engineers of genocide, and concepts such as "unter-menschen" are specifically prohibited in our religion.

In Truth

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