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Rituals and superstition rule

From: Rahul Dev Sharma <rahul.d>
Date: May 16, 2009 6:09 PM
Subject: Re: [brahmoconferenceorg] Rituals and superstition rule

Dear Mr Biswajit

'Ad homimem' attacks are what trivialise the real issues. I am glad
that we at least agree that superstition, mumbo-jumbo, dogma and
non-reason etc are opposed to Brahmoism. But how many others here (so
called Brahmos), would agree with you or me ?

The current articles of faith for "True Brahmos" being very well
defined, you may clarify if you reject / disagree with any of them, as
only then can our debate proceed:-
(source : )

* Brahmos embrace righteousness as the only way of life.
* Brahmos embrace truth, knowledge, reason, free will and virtuous
intuition (observation) as guides.
* Brahmos embrace secular principles but oppose sectarianism and
imposition of religious belief into governance (especially propagation
of religious belief by government).
* Brahmos embrace the co-existence of Brahmo principles with
governance, but oppose all governance in conflict with Brahmo
* Brahmos reject narrow theism (especially polytheism), idolatry and symbolism.
* Brahmos reject the need for formal rituals, priests or places
(church, temple, mosque) for worship.
* Brahmos reject dogma and superstition.
* Brahmos reject scripture as authority.
* Brahmos reject revelations, prophets, gurus, messiahs, or avatars as
* Brahmos reject bigotry and irrational distinctions like caste,
creed, colour, race, religion which divide beings.
* Brahmos reject all forms of totalitarianism.
* Brahmos examine the prevalent notion of "sin".
* Brahmos examine the prevalent notions of "heaven" or "hell".
* Brahmos examine the prevalent notion of "salvation".

( Adherence to these articles are required only of Adi Brahmos or such
Sadharan Brahmos who accept Adi-ism ie. Trust deed of Brahmo Sabha
1830 as the source of their faith or Trust deed of Sadharan Brahmo
Samaj 1880)

We may also consider that no matter how much we may disagree with
others and their irrational (to us) beliefs, Brahmoism does not permit
us to disparage them / their beliefs publicly.

Finally, concerning the issues which nobody wishes to rake up, it is
precisely because nobody wishes to discuss them that they must be
exposed publicly in dedicated groups such as this, and knowledgeable
people like you must participate.


Rituals and superstition rule

From: biswajit dutta <>
Date: May 16, 2009 3:47 PM
Subject: Re: [brahmoconferenceorg] Rituals and superstition rule

The messages you are trying to trivialize are very germane to Brahmoism :-

a)Brahmoism is all about logic, rationality & scientific mindedness .
It denounces all social evils including Sati which is still very
occasionally practiced & glorified by some Indians living in darkness

b)Brahmoism is dead set against all forms of superstitions/mumbo
jumbo/black magic etc. which are as yet popular among a large segment
of our population .

c)Brahmoism is all about tolerance & open mindedness . Learning needs
to be source agnostic  . Dogmas & set beliefs have no place in our
religion . Mere mention of Hitler generated needless fury on the other
site no too far back .

d)All the above messages reinforce key Brahmo ideals & hence very relevant .

e)I can confidently say that a majority of us are not at all keen to
debate schisms , splits & controversies of the Brahmo Samaj you are so
enthusiastic about . Why rake up the past ?
What's the big deal washing dirty linen in public ? Why is it being
discussed here ?
Biswajit Dutta

--- On Sat, 16/5/09, Rahul Dev Sharma <> wrote:

From: Rahul Dev Sharma <>
Subject: Re: [brahmoconferenceorg] Rituals and superstition rule
Date: Saturday, 16 May, 2009, 12:29 PM

Dear Debanjan,

We should ask ourselves

Is Brahmoism about rationalism ?
Is the Brahmo Samaj a NGO ?
What is the purpose of such messages being collectively mailed to
"Brahmos" by these groups ?
Are messages on Hitler's supposed management genius relevant to "Brahmos" ?
Is the suppression of  sati and similar practices important in modern
Brahmoism ?

Regretably no Brahmo is prepared to publicly debate such matters (or
the earlier 8 I had listed).


Sitanath Tattwabhushan Dutta

The Anusthanic Brahmo movement frowns upon seeking donations in the
name of our religion. We base this upon the 1830 Trust Deed text which
forbids "oblations" and offerings to be collected within.

The Ananusthanics on the other hand are charlatans soliciting funds at
every stage. There can be no better example than this of  "Pandit"
Sitanath Tattwabhushan who in 1880 was one of the 8 Brahmos of Sylhet
who issued the provlamation denouncing Keshab Sen and Navabidhan. (see
Sivnath Sastri's History of the Brahmo Samaj"). Tattwabhushan (whose
real name was Sitanath Dutta) then tried to insert a pseudo-Brahmanism
into the Sadharan Brahmo Samaj by publishing in 1921 his "Manual of
Brahmic prayer and devotions" which exhorts the Sadharan adherents at
every stage to "donate" to the Brahmo Samaj. Got married ? - donate,
Recovered from illness ? - donate, Setting up a new Samaj ? - donate.

Although Tattwabhushan (Dutta) claimed to have compiled his devotional
manual from 4 sources - 2 Hindu podhattis, the Adi Samaj Anusthan
Paddati and the Navabidhan 'New Samhita', we find that such out and
out commercial practices are only in the Navabidhan Samhita followed
by one faction of Sadharan Samaj.

Dutta's manual was roundly denounced in 1921 when it was first
published and no sensible person would rely on it today except as an
awkward anachronism.

All right thinking Brahmos should be careful of these Dutta's in
Brahmoism, ie Sitanath (Tattwabhushan) Dutta, Narendra (Vivekanand)
Dutta etc and their descendants who have always been counted amongst
the enemies of True Brahmoism for trying to commercialise Brahmoism
into a Ramakrishna "Mission" model at every step.


On 3/31/09, sroy1947  wrote:
> "Peddling" ??? This raises an interesting issue - "Does Brahmoism permit
> donations to be collected within Samaj premises?"
> "and that no sacrifice, offering or oblation of any kind or thing, shall
> ever be permitted therein;"
> Sarbajit
> --- In, Rahul Dev Sharma
> <rahul.dvsharma@...> wrote:
>> Brahmoism is a religious system, Brahmo Samajes are societies which
>> peddle a diluted (universally palatable) version of True Brahmoism.
>> What is peddled at Brahmo Samajes is more often than not unacceptable
>> to Brahmos.
>> I think you are confusing nationalism with patriotism.
>> On Sat, Mar 14, 2009 at 5:23 PM, biswajit dutta
>> <bis_dutta2000@...> wrote:
>> > It appears that you make an artificial distinction between Brahmo Samaj
>> > &
>> > Brahmoism . I am afraid your views may not resonate with the majority
>> > for
>> > whom :-
>> > a)Brahmo Samaj & Brahmoism are not at cross purposes .
>> > b)The terms "universalism" & "nationalism" may not be mutually exclusive
>> > .
>> > That I have a tolerant/open/rational mind willing to imbibe global best
>> > practices does not mean I am anti-national or less nationalistic . On
>> > the
>> > contrary , universalism can lead to improved nationalism .
>> > c)By distillation of essence(accepting only what is suitable/relevant)
>> > from
>> > other religions Brahmoism has become a better religion . There is no
>> > harm in
>> > assimilating the good or the great from others .
>> > d)Sivanath Sastri's interpretation of Brahmo history finds wide
>> > acceptablity
>> > with most Brahmos .
>> > e)I don't know by what yardstick , Sadharan Samajis can be regarded to
>> > be
>> > the basest of Brahmos ? This appears to be too sweeping a statement .
>> >
>> > Biswajit Dutta
>> >
>> > --- On Sat, 14/3/09, Rahul Dev Sharma <rahul.dvsharma@...> wrote:
>> >


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