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Basic Tenets Of Brahmo Dharma

Subject: [brahmoconferenceorg] Basic Tenets Of Brahmo Dharma


Basic Tenets of Brahmo Dharma

1) The faith that the Supreme Being(God Almighty) alone was in the beginning , nothing else existed . He created all this universe . He is eternal , infinite , all merciful , independent , formless , one without a second , all pervading , ruling all over , all containing , all knowing , all powerful , the permanent , the perfect , the one beyond any comparison . In his worship alone lies our welfare in this world & in the world to come . To love him & to do what he loves is his worship .

2) A Brahmo will never worship any created object as representing that Supreme Being(idolatry in any form is discarded) & never believes in caste division(caste system is interdicted) .

3) A Brahmo , unless incapacitated by illness or other calamity , shall daily compose his soul , in love & trust , in the Supreme Being , & he should strive for the performance of good deeds & for keeping away from evil . If by chance , he commits any evil , he should truly repent for it , & desist from the path of evil .

4) He should contribute something every year for the furtherance of the work of the Brahmo Samaj .

5) Neither the Vedas , nor any other scripture of any religion are considered infallible by Brahmo Dharma . It welcomes truth from all sources .

6) Brahmo Dharma does not recognize any priestly class or any guru or prophet as mediator between God & man or as God's representative .

7) Brahmo Dharma has its own prayer hall & its own simple rituals for social & family occasions .

- From "The Indian Messenger" , May 7 & 21 , 2008

N.B. – The Indian Messenger is the official mouthpiece of The Sadharan Brahmo Samaj .

Biswajit Dutta

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