Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Re: Basic Tenets Of Brahmo Dharma

Subject: [brahmoconferenceorg] Re: Basic Tenets Of Brahmo Dharma

Dear All;

Just some updates to Mr Dutta's message below from the Indian Messenger. Brahmo Dharma has been revised considerably from Maharshi Debendranath's time and the Indian Messenger (and its  Samaj faction) are still to get the "True" message. The heart of Brahmo Dharma shall always be the Adi Brahmo Trust Principles of 1830 and not what a
Sadharan Samaj mouthpiece proclaims to be Brahmo Dharma..

Point wise clarification:-

1) Modern ("True") Brahmoism no longer uses the term "Supreme Being". The preferred term now is "Singularity". With some better knowledge of cosmology we no longer equate Singularity with "He" but as "It" and do not attribute petty human characteristics such as all "knowing / powerful / perfect" etc to It.

2) Caste per se is not interdicted. It is an essential part of
Brahmoism. DISTINCTION is interdicted hence Caste SYSTEMS are interdicted, or to be more precise - Distinctions based on caste systems are not acknowledged. IDOLATION is interdicted - this is the core of Brahmoism; spurious Samajes like Sammilan Samaj where Rammohun's bust is installed for worship are forcefully denounced.

3) Point 3 is of Adi Brahmo Samaj is also retained by Sadharan Samaj.

4) Point 4 is rejected by Adi Brahmos. Fixed Institutions and
organisation sap the vitality and spirit of the religion.

5) Poiint 5, No scripture is authority. Truth is infinite and
incapable of being set down

6) Point 6 corresponds in its essence to Adi Brahmo articles rejecting revelations, prophets, gurus, messiahs, or avatars etc. as authority.

7) Point 7 is contradicted and nonsense. True Brahmos reject the need for formal rituals, priests or places (church, temple, mosque etc) for worship.


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