Friday, January 01, 2010

Essentials of Brahmoism

The philosophy of Brahmo Samaj is contained in the Brahmo Dharma written in 1848 by Debendranath Tagore.

"Brahmo Dharma, the only book of Brahmoism

What is the teachings of the Brahmo Dharma ?

The religious system unfolded in the Brahma Dharma is that of the Upanishads, with some infusion of modern ideas.

Examples of directions in Brahmo Dharma given to seekers after God :

To know Him, one should go to the spiritual teacher. To whom comes the pupil of entirely peaceful and well regulated mind, the knower of God, should communicate the particulars of divine knowledge by which is known the Being, undecaying, perfect, and true. He, who is wise, of regulated mind, and is always pure, attains that station after which one is not born again.

The lesser knowledge is the Rig-Yeda, the Yajur Yeda, the SamaVeda, the Atharva Yeda etc. The higher knowledge is that contemplation by which the Eternal is known.

Contemplate God through Om, and let welfare attend thee, as thou crossest the darkness of ignorance.

By means of Om, the knower of God obtaineth Him who is all-tranquil, without decay, without death, without fear, the all excellent. We contemplate the adorable power and glory of the Being divine, who brought forth the world. Silence, Silence, Silence !!!"

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