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Brahmo Samaj

Brahmo Samaj

Beliefs of the Brahmo Samaj (as rendered by Raj Narayan Bose - as President of the Adi Brahmo Samaj)

I. The Book of Nature and Intuition form the basis of the Brahmo faith.

II. Although Brahmos do not consider any book, written by man as the basis of our religion, yet we accept, with respect and pleasure, any truth contained in any book.

III. Brahmos believe that the religious condition of man, is progressive like the other parts of his condition in this world.

IV. Brahmos believe that the fundamental doctrines of Brahmoism are at the basis of every religion, followed by man.

V. Brahmos believe in the existence of One Supreme God� "a God, endowed with a distinct personality & moral attributes equal to His nature, and intelligence befitting the Governor of the Universe," and worship Him�Him alone. We do not believe in His incarnations.

VI. Brahmos believe in the immortality and progressive state of the Soul and declare that there is a "state of conscious existence succeeding life in this world, and suplementary to it, as respects the action of the universal moral government."

VII. Brahmos believe that love of Him, and performing the works He loveth, constitute His worship.

VIII. Brahmos believe that worhip of Him needs no fixed place or time. "We can adore Him at any time and at any place, provided that time and that place are calculated to compose and direct the mind towards Him."

IX. Brahmos do not perform any rites or ceremonies, or believe in penances, as instrumental in obtaining the grace of God. We declare that moral righteousness, the gaining of wisdom, Divine contemplation, charity and the cultivation of devotional feelings, are our rites and ceremonies. We further say, govern and regulate your feelings, discharge your duties to God and to man, and you will gain everlasting blessedness,purify jour heart, cultivate devotional feelings, and you will see Him who is Unseen.

X. Theoretically, there is no distinction of caste among Brahmos. We declare that we are all part of God, and, therefore, must consider ourselves as one.

(c) 2009 World Council of Brahmo Samaj

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