Monday, January 26, 2009

Maghotsab in BD

Brahmo Samaj in Bangladesh celebrates Maghotsab

Maghotsab, the biggest annual festival of the country's Brahmo community, concluded yesterday with a two-day programme at the Brahmo Samaj Complex at 2-3-4 Lyall Street at Patuatuly in the city where a large number of people from all faiths attended.

On the main day of the festival yesterday to mark the founding of the Brahmo Samaj building 179 years back in 1830 by a group of social reformers headed by Raja Rammohon Roy, the Brahmo flag was hoisted in
the morning which was followed by rendering of Usha Kirtana. Recitation of verses from the holy Upanishad, the Geeta, the Bed, the Tripitak, the Grantha Saheb, the Bible and the Quran with Bengali translation, obituary reference and recalling the contributions of the
Brahmo stalwarts as well as rendering of solo and chorus Brahmo Sangeet by the artistes of "Biswabeena" led by Ustad Khairuzzaman Quiyyum were the programmes of the festival.

Besides, the main prayer session seeking divine blessings for peace, prosperity, happiness and welfare of the people throughout the world was conducted by Acharya Pranesh Samaddar.

He also delivered sermons also for peace and prosperity of the country and its people while the festival concluded with lighting of candles at night for enlightenment of the people at the Samaj Complex. The festival was inaugurated on Saturday night with the rendering of
the Brahmo Sangeet with analysis at the Samaj Complex with Acharya Pranesh Samaddar narrated and analysed the inner meanings of the solo and chorus Brahmo Sangeet and devotional songs rendered by the
artistes of "Biswabeena" led by Ustad Khairuzzaman Quiyyum.

The Maghotsab will also be held at Kaoraid Brahmo Samaj in Gazipur district and at the Brahmo Samaj in Tangail town on February 13 and February 20 respectively.

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